Lowest Land On Earth

New articles are added every week. The lowest point on land is the dead sea that borders israel the west bank and jordan.

Dead Sea The Lowest Spot On Earth 440 Meters Or 12000 Feet

7 Places Below Sea Level World S Lowest Elevation Points

10 Things You Didn T Know About The Dead Sea Twistedsifter

Dozens of land areas of the earth sit below current sea level.

Lowest land on earth.

As the lowest point in north america death valley belongs to a world wide geographic rogues gallery whose members share these defining features.
It is approximately 413 meters or 1355 feet below sea level.
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The lowest point on earth in terms of dry land is the shore of the dead sea shared by palestine israel and jordan 1378ft 420m below sea level.
Here is a list of other places of low elevation.
Lowest places on earth.

In wet climates low places fill with water and overflow to the sea.
The dead sea is the lowest point on earth.
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The dead sea lies at 1312 feet 400 meters below sea level.
The biggest dry land area below sea level that has been known to exist in the geological past as measured by continuous volume of atmospheric air below sea level was the dry bed of the mediterranean sea in the late miocene period during the messinian salinity crisis.
The dead sea sits on top of the dead sea rift a tectonic fault line.

The lowest point on land on earth is at the dead sea on the border of jordan and israel.
The earths surface is mostly at or below sea level as 71 percent of our planet is covered by water.
To have exposed land below sea level an extremely dry climate is necessary.

The lowest point on land not covered by liquid water is the canyon under denman glacier with the bedrock being 3500 m 11500 ft below sea level.
The lowest known point is challenger deep at the bottom of the mariana.
The quran lays light on the lowest place of earth.

List of countries by lowest point.
The lowest point on earth in terms of land not covered by liquid water is the valley under byrd glacier in antarctica 9121ft 2780m below sea level.
Extreme points of earth.

It is however covered by a thick layer.
Its 420 meters below sea level.
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The lowest land area is the shoreline of the dead sea depression in israel jordan and syria.
Which are the lowest on earth at 418 m 1371 feet below sea level.

The largest below sea level depression by surface area is the caspian depression.
I reworded your question to be what point on the surface of the earth is closest to the center of the earth and submitted it to google.
The lowest undersea highway tunnel is the eiksund tunnel in norway at 287 m 942 feet below sea level.

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